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Empires and Puzzles took a new take on the RPG games. Empires and Puzzles is easy to play when it starts, but as you proceed in the game it offers deep strategic gameplay entailing endless number of heroes, dragons and monsters to collect and fight. It is an epic battle between the heroes and the monsters. If you want to indulge yourself in an action-packed game, then you need to try out Empires & Puzzle mod APK. This is one the best RPG game and if you are an RPG lover then you just simply can’t afford to miss this game. This game is as exciting as it sounds, the most exciting game battle where you can showcase your gaming skills.

Building your own empire on the basis of the moves you will made while fighting with your enemy. You can also build your own city on the basis of resources that you need to pillage as you move across the kingdom.

Conquering your nearby territories is the only mission you have for which you have to face the enemies and have to defeat them in the battle. One of the most interesting features of the game is the match-3 feature where you have to connect pieces of the same color in order to attack. In order to accomplish that you need to gather five battlers for the adventure. Making a considerable combo is the success key in the game. The more the combo the more damage will be set free on your enemy.

Leveling Guide for Empires and Puzzles:

Leveling up the heroes in the game is one of the most time consuming and costly task. So, here are some of the guides for leveling up the heroes in the game. First guide will tell you which hero to feed and why. While the second guide is going to tell you how to get more heroes to feed yourmain hero.

Firstly, you just have to feed that hero who is going to fill your XP bar and level up your hero, this may seem simple, but it is not if you are not able to do so then you are going to burn a lot of food and experience.

Feed your heroes; 10 lower heroes of the same color, preferably the same hero if you have it – for several reasons: one of the reasons is the skill boot and this applies to all the heroes that are not legendary. It can be especially for the 5-star heroes, but 4-star heroes can be occasionally at the max level, having their special ability at 5/8. The Problem there is that there is no chance of leveling up the hero there which further shows that no chance to increase the skill level and your hero is not as strong as it could be!

The second reason for feeding the same color is the extra experience you will get plus the same color have double the chances to increase the skill level when leveling up. If you feed different color of hero you will get only 1% instead of 2%. Feeding randomly will give only the 10% chance to level up the hero instead of the 20%. One reason can also be you can save a ton of food over the time. As you level up the hero the price you will have to pay next time will increase. When you feed a 3-star hero for the first time, you will spend on the 2,100 foods per hero, as you progress you will get this 3-Star hero to Level 50 it can be more than 10,000 food.

That’s why you should never feed 1-Star heroes one by one, this will make it even more expensive.

Battle items:

There are different battle items in the game which are highly beneficial in defeating the opponent without facing any issue. One important factor is the way you use these items, it is very crucial.In case you are not performing activities with timing and perfection, then you do not get the proper benefits.

Empires and Puzzles troop

Troops are the foot soldiers, which are used to attack the enemy. The greater the star level of the troop, the stronger they are and the more defense, they offer to a player’s team of heroes. Troops are assigned by color to their matching hero color. Just like heroes, troops also come in different Elements and can be leveled up for increased damage. You can acquire Troops by completing levels and summoning them through the Summon Gate. Troops are equipped to the Heroes of corresponding Colors by selecting the Troop in the “Edit Team” view. You can upgrade troops in Barracks, an advanced building which becomes available once you Stronghold has been upgraded to level 10. When the Stronghold is upgraded you can start converting a building that is over level 5 and offers you the option to ‘convert’ to Barracks. Leveling up the troops is as just you do for leveling up the heroes, Barracks means that you can get rid of any extra troop if you have. When a player changes out a hero assigned to a team, any troops assigned to that color hero are automatically unassigned. After selecting a new hero for the team, the troops must be reassigned/updated for that hero.

How to get the heroes:

  • Now howwill you get the heroes you will need to feed your heroes to level them up. You can get them up by your training camps, but with different training methods.So, one of the strategies for the best training camp setup is; No matter what, try to reach Stronghold Level 20 and Training Camps Level 11 as fast as possible, this will give you the cheapest training option and also 4 Training Camp!
  • Training camp 1 is always going to train the level 1 option that requires the wooden sword, same as for the training camp 2 and level 2 but it requires the backpacks but training camp 3 & 4 will train the level 11 option that is by far the cheapest available and doesn’t require anything other than recruits and food) – if you haven’t unlocked it yet, take the Level 4 option.
  • The good thing about this strategy is that you can always get in some Level 11 or Level 4 training when you’re out of Wooden Swords or Backpacks.
  • Just use the 1-Star and 2-Star heroes that you have trained to feed, training 3-Star heroes just to feed them is not worth it, it takes like 10 times more time to train them and also costs like 10 times more.

Empires and Puzzles MOD Apk help is developed in our website it will help you to get free unlimited gems, unlimited iron, and unlimited food resources with better graphics just by logging in to the account. You can also unlock other items through this mode of the game. As you progress in the game, gems are the only currency you want in the game. By using the gems, you can increase the hero’s capacity, levelling up, buy special packages from the shop, etc. Gems can also be used to skip waiting for the buildings to upgrade, progress, level up.You can get them by winning the titanic battles, by completing quests, watching mystic videos, by completing missions or but purchasing them with real money. Although, there are many ways by which you can earn the gems few or unlimited, but by using our MOD apk you can earn a lot of unlimited gems just for free. Second, the source is the food in the game. Food resources are produced by the farms. Food is represented by the Hams. Foods are used by the heroes to be trained in the training camps. Forupgrading the mines, the watchtower, and to craft resources in the forges food is also useful.

So, food is also the most important resource in the game, having unlimited resource will let you to master your heroes and have an incredible developed farm, mine, houses, forges, barracks, stronghold, all the buildings. Last but not the least you don’t create anything without the unlimited iron in the game. Mines are needed to create the iron. For upgrading homes, stronghold, iron storage, forges, farms, and food storage iron are needed. For creating a barrack you need 250 000 iron resources besides the other resources involved.Although you are never constrained to save resources for the most important expenses. Iron can be used for anything you wished for in the game.

Leveling up your heroes

Leveling up your heroes is to increase their power. This means it will increase their tats (attack, health, defense points), including their Special Skill and maxing the level of ascension.

Going to the HERO ROSTER by pressing the hero icon at the bottom of the screen, then select the hero and press level up that’s it.

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